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Old 9th August 2010, 09:57 AM
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This is urgent - Jay Baldwin, animal abuser - Please cross post!!!!!

Please cross post to all shelters, ACOs and anyone doing adoptions! He will torture and kill any animal he gets his hands on. He sometimes has a woman helping him. It is best to check driver's licenses to verify identity.

Subject: Do Not Adopt!!!!

I work at an animal shelter in northwest CT. Today we had to keep all our doors locked and check people (license, etc) before they entered our shelter and keep the security camera on at all times. There is a man called Jay Baldwin who just got out of jail on Thursday and on Friday he stopped at a local vet and tried to get an animal from them. They recommended our shelter and another local one (not knowing his reputation, he is known for animal abuse). Our director alerted the police who kept an eye on us and will continue to do so. He may even break into a building to get an animal.

Jay Baldwin is in his 50s, tanned and likes to wear hats. He will pay an adoption fee to get the animal and can even get violent and take the animal if thwarted. He may also send friends in to get the animal. He will use other names. So it this makes it hard to tell who he is. Hopefully adoption screening will help keep animals from him.

Please let other shelters you know of know this.

First Names: Jay

Last Name: Baldwin

City/State: Derby, CT

Posting: This guy was charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty in Derby, CT Superior Court.He is 59 years old, tall and pot belly heavy, bald and a very smooth talker.He is prohibited from having any pets now and anyone who knows of him trying to adopt a pet should contact Ansonia Police directly at:203 734 1651.
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Old 9th August 2010, 11:34 AM
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Wow. That is beyond sick that he is that desperate to get his hands on a new animal to torture.
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