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The Dog Pound Here is where our members can share information about dogs needing rescue, or needing permanent homes. NO OFFERS OF DOGS FOR SALE OR WANT ADS TO BUY A DOG. This is for RESCUE only.

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Old 14th October 2010, 12:18 PM
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Costal GSD Rescue: PLEASE HELP!

Today we send this special plea not for one, but for the many still in need. For the young, for the old, for the scared, the weary, for those who have no one else to plead for them . . . There is no one waiting to tell their story on the local news, no scar or injury that will garner national media attention . . . Their last walk will be with a stranger, their last bed a cold steel table, and then they will leave this world never knowing what it means to be loved. They will have no tomorrow because no one cared for them today. They cower in the corner, lying on the hard floor, their eyes looking away when they are met because they have already given up. These dogs wait in the shelter for help that may never come.

From October 1st through October 26th, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a stronger lifeline for the future of all our rescue dogs in need. In honor of TJ, the beloved dog of one of our volunteers, every dollar you donate will be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $10,000. That's a fund raising goal of $20,000!

For the first time in the history of Coastal German Shepherd Rescue's San Diego County Chapter, hard times have fallen upon us. The donations that weve depended on in the past to care for the dogs have come to an all time low. With a heavy heart, we have looked into the eyes of savable dogs, and had to walk away.

We celebrate the success stories of dogs like Laney, tucked safely away in a warm foster home with all nine of her puppies and Alfie whose face is almost healed. The abused and broken dogs like Maggie who laid in the shelter for days with a broken pelvis, tail, & shoulder before being rescued and treated by our vets. We remember Kellan who lived with a rope embedded in his neck and Vander who came to us battered and torn after having been used as a bait dog in a fighting cage. But these celebrations are short lived, knowing that each new day brings another dog in desperate need of help.

It is only because of the generous donations we receive from people like you that we are able to continue to save dogs. With TJs Fund and your donation, we can turn many sad stories into happy endings. Please help us continue this important work.
Give small or give big. EVERY dollar you can spare will help Coastal's San Diego County Chapter build a stronger lifeline for the future of all our rescue dogs in need. Your contribution will have double the value from now until October 26th.
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