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  1. St. Bernard/Dane mix pup
  2. Japanese mastiff
  3. Anybody heard of ....
  4. saw this today
  5. older neo needs a home- PA
  6. Anyone have room for two?
  7. Bernese Mountain dog and St. Bernard
  8. Urgent, only 4 days left :(
  9. black dane needs rescue
  10. Extremely URGENT PUPS
  11. Pyr anyone?
  12. Extremely Urgent: Rescue in TX closing! 198 GSDs and other dogs
  13. Marcy~St. Bernard~URGENT!
  14. Leo in need.
  15. Pyr and GSD need loving homes - will transport
  16. Little pyr needs a home
  17. Rocky-northern IL
  18. 2 gorgeous Mastiffs in Greenville NC, slated for euth on Wed
  19. Sight hounds in Spain
  20. A Neo on CL
  21. yes this was really posted
  22. another northern IL dog
  23. New Englander's: Fundraiser
  24. northern illinois
  25. Free Pyr in need of home!
  26. Serioulsy a Bo-chi????
  27. Not a dog but a cat
  28. CL AKC "Alaskan Husky" ?
  29. Senior pyr in pound/Abq.
  30. old english bulldog
  31. My Favorite Berner Rescue
  32. Need advice from other foster moms
  33. And here she is... our new foster... meet Tia!!
  34. Barkley & Rory Great Pyrenees Pups~Need!
  35. Snowball White German Shepherd is URGENT!
  36. Supposed to be fostering a "bullmastiff"
  37. Sheesh entire Dane family...
  38. Akita/GSD/Malamute mix - Thorp, WI
  39. Abigail needs a (temporary) foster home
  40. Akita is URGENT!
  41. Honeybun~Black Mouth Cur~Extremely Urgent!
  42. DDB on CL Ohio
  43. Swissy needs transport to Rixeyville, VA
  44. CL St. Bernard puppy
  45. Needs Fostered - Why do people lie about the breed
  46. Creep needs to be locked up
  47. Bruno-Male Boxer-URGENT!
  48. Bo-Male Treeing Walker CoonHound-URGENT!
  49. Bloodhound
  50. Great Pyrenees mix
  51. our shelter in germany..
  52. Bella Great Dane Pup~~~URGENT!!!
  53. Anyone in NJ looking for a Swissie?
  54. St. Bernard Needs Temp Home
  55. Fabulous Neopolitan Mastiff needs new home
  56. Leonberger (mix?) in Ft. Worth shelter
  57. Chance Catahoula Leopard Urgent
  58. Murphy Australian Shepherd Running Out of Time
  59. Pyrs in AZ
  60. Dooley-Staffordshire Bull Terrier Running out of time
  61. Tonka in PA ready for forever home !
  62. Young Male Newfie: Eau Claire, WI
  63. Questions about fostering
  64. Dane pup (and large lab mix) on CL in Upstate NY
  65. why did I look??? *bangs head*
  66. Bubba & Betty need rescue or a forever home
  67. Ferguson Male Mastiff needs rescue or forever home
  68. Lily 7mth ols Plott Hound needs rescue or forever home
  69. Willie Young Playful Mixed Breed Needs Rescue or Forever Home
  70. Red Dobie in Ohio kill shelter
  71. Extremely Frustrated. LONG.
  72. GSD puppy in Stillwater, OK (2 days to euth)
  73. Sophie, Daisy, Scooby, Ginger, & Felix Need
  74. Sophie, Daisy, Scooby, Ginger, & Felix Need
  75. DobieSOS
  76. People really piss me off!!!
  77. GSD in Raleigh, NC...... want!
  78. Meet and Help Name Our Foster dog
  79. Guess the breed
  80. Meet Martini! Our new foster
  81. Just how far is it from TX to WY, anyways?
  82. I want this guy!!!
  83. Purebred Mastiff on CL in New Auburn, MN
  84. Great Pyrenees
  85. I emailed about an Aussie on CL..
  86. Possible new foster
  87. St. Bernard in Superior, WI
  88. Bernese Mtn Dog on CL-Ohio
  89. Transport Available from NY to NC on 08-08-09
  90. bernese mountain dog on CL
  91. Annie needs sponsors, rescue, forever home
  92. great pyrenees/anatolian shepard mix
  93. VERY cute puppy (Great Pyr?) in WA
  94. English Mastiffs on Dallas CL
  95. Help a soldier with his dog (NC)
  96. German Shepherd / Husky Mix
  97. GSMD on CL
  98. I have a new grand dog!
  99. There's a beautiful St. Bernard at our SPCA
  100. Hearing Impaired Lab Mix Pup on CL
  101. Help Luna find a forever home
  102. Older Swissy girl needs a home!
  103. Arthur needs a home
  104. Poor Mastiff on CL
  105. 2 Great Pyrenees in IL
  106. People really make me mad!
  107. Female Aussie needs a foster home (NC)
  108. how can people do this...?
  109. beautiful girl in NM running out of time
  110. rehome tigger
  111. Great dane in Ohio, URGENT
  112. Austin Shelter
  113. Pyr in Kentucky needs assistance
  114. Male DDB needs new home
  115. A Neo? Really?
  116. Bernese Mountain Dogs
  117. Special needs aussie pup in OH
  118. Mastiff, Canton, TX
  119. Bernese Mtn Dogs on CL (in Abq)
  120. Saint needs out before 8am Friday..
  121. Pyr in TX kill shelter
  122. OMG I want him SO bad!
  123. OH NO Cortney these are near you
  124. Lost dog - I don't understand
  125. We Have Failed
  126. Handsome Neo mix in NYC.
  127. 2 little dogs in RI
  128. 2 Saint Mix Pups in Need!
  129. Two Petfinder cuties!
  130. Neo Mastiff in urgent need
  131. makes me sick
  132. Mellow the Great Pyrenees
  133. OMG...Pyrapoos...really
  134. Mastiff, No. TX
  135. Creativity Help
  136. Free Saint Bernard
  137. Joan of Ark (emaciated dachsie)
  138. SOS Cincinnati, OH ABUSED MASTIFF -- has only a couple days
  139. I REALLLLLY want this dog.
  140. check this guy out!
  141. St Bernard in NC needs help!
  142. CO rescue reccomendations
  143. anyone know of any TX dane/st bernard rescues that take mixes?
  144. I'm in love!
  145. Pet Harbor?
  146. Georgia Kill Shelter
  147. mastiff
  148. New "Big Dogs" at the shelter
  149. St. Bernards need help California shelter
  150. I'm always amazed at the amazing dogs in the shelter...
  151. Can anyone help this one in Alburquerque?
  152. OMG look at this one
  153. another installment of stupid CL people
  154. Why can't I have more money?
  155. Horrible care of Pyr Neglect
  156. Calling All Pyr. Lover's...
  157. Chicago Peeps - Look for Sadie!
  158. Pitbull/mastiff X
  159. Some people should be shot! 5 week old American Bulldog puppies
  160. OMG little Husky or Mal on local CL
  161. OMG OMG Amelia OMG
  162. (LONG) Dog for adoption, or we need help, SOON
  163. Im going to scream
  164. Look at this handsome guy, 18 mo. old boerboel
  165. New laws in PA may be working
  166. update on the dachie Shannon posted
  167. American Bulldog
  168. Anyone have contacts in the UK who can help this guy
  169. FOR BIG ROX
  170. This little dachsie made me cry :(
  171. This is just so sad
  172. Special Needs Australian Shepherd
  173. another CL doozie
  174. any one near York SC?
  175. Rescue puppy in need of an educated home!
  176. Fluffy mastiff anyone?
  177. Hey Katina...a Pyr/golden pup on CL.
  178. Special needs Bulldog
  179. The Little Shelter that Could....
  180. presas for adoption or need fostering
  181. I want him!!!
  182. Alvin
  183. craigslist
  184. Dobe with natural ears and tail on CL
  185. Korina
  186. 8 Newfie pups looking for homes on CL
  187. Adoption Event Pics from Today
  188. Great Pyr on CL - Been Posted SEVERAL times!
  189. Desperate Help Need....
  190. Urgent - Dogs in Need
  191. 7 year old Mastuff/DDB mix *UPDATE* Warning - Graphic Pics
  192. Look at this sweetie mastiffy girl!
  193. Terry did/does haley come home today
  194. Samoyeds needing help
  195. Great Pyr in NM
  196. grr..
  197. Coco is adopted!
  198. Two labs need a home together...
  199. I REALLY hate some ppl
  200. Saint Bernard on CL
  201. Gearing up for '09 Easter Fundraiser
  202. oh, it just breaks my heart!
  203. Newfie/pyr mix
  204. Big sad mastiff, crosspost!!!
  205. three boerboels
  206. TX-what a GORGEROUS Bloodhound!
  207. what breeds?
  208. 2 Yellow Labs
  209. Berner? or Swissy?
  210. FINALLY! We are fostering!
  211. Senior dane in pound
  212. Newfie X pups-FL
  213. Coco got accepted into a rescue!!
  214. aww Pretty Tx Pyr...
  215. Even if you have a dollar to donate...
  216. The Eagle has landed
  217. Rottie in OH, very sad story
  218. Pit bull/lab mix in Springfield, MO
  219. Swissy Rehome
  220. Anyone able to help, preg dog needs rescue (OH)
  221. Great Pyreneese In Canada
  222. what a day
  223. Jasper's brothers on Petfinder
  224. Neo or Corso?
  225. I have to wait, but ...
  226. beautiful akita in the NYC shelter
  227. catalouha-staffie mix shot
  228. pyr needs home.
  229. Buddy needs a home or foster home
  230. Three big babies, PA, VA
  231. Danny has an application!
  232. Pudding needs a home
  233. Miss Marley
  234. Doberman in Buffalo
  235. Saint on OH has just the Weekend
  236. wish i could have him..
  237. very sweet boerboel in ca
  238. I'm debating this girl...
  239. Wow...is this a Swissie?
  240. My Name is Sam
  241. Dogue De Bordeaux in OH
  242. Urgent... This is terrible and can't believe I have to post this.
  243. DDB on petfinder ... AWFUL! & heartbreaking.
  244. Rescue dogs
  245. St. Bernard @ Hornell NY Animal Shelter
  246. Interesting mix....
  247. Umm.. is that even possible?
  248. New Dane mix foster!
  249. I am SO smitten..
  250. Why wade when you can jump right in?