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Our Mission

The Big Dogs Porch was created for those who love giant breed dogs. While we welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes, the big ones are at our hearts as they are the ones who need us the most. A Giant Breed is not just like any other dog. They have different nutritional needs, they learn differently, their medical needs vary from that of the standard dog. So few resources are out there for these animals, and none encompass all the information needed.

Not to mention the myths and prejudice that the public confronts them with every day. Large breeds are looked at as guard dogs and work horses, and something to point at in awe when you see one walking down the street. People who decide to bring one into their homes and who've done little to no research on them, eventually dump them, coming to hate all the traits that make the dog what it is. The media also hypes these dogs as violent, unstable, vicious animals, and facilitates the public frenzy that will soon make it almost impossible to bring a giant breed dog into your family, DESPITE the fact that many of these dogs have been valued family members for hundreds of years with no incidents whatsoever, and in reality it is the actions of reckless uneducated dog owners who have brought these black marks upon our beloved breeds, and destroyed centuries of work that brought us the dogs we adore.

Enter the Porch. Our mission is:

• To educate the public about large and giant breed dogs.

• To give new and prospective new owners a wealth of resources to thoroughly research and choose the breed that will best suit their home.

• To support and offer up a sense of community to current large and giant breed owners.

• To promote breed awareness and dispel the myths about these dogs.

• To actively dispute and campaign against the discriminations towards large and giant breed dogs in housing, travel, etc.

• To campaign against any and all breed bans

• To assist rescues in placement and fundraising for large and giant breed dogs.

• To implement an education program in schools to help the next generation learn that big dogs are nothing to fear, and how best to respond to them.

• To offer information on quality dog products, and to seek out these products to make them more readily available to dog world at large.

We are not in this for the money. All of the resources that we offer are free to anyone who wants or needs them. We operate solely off of donations, relevant advertising and the proceeds of our shop. Anything above and beyond our needs goes right back into the dog community.

We don't do this for the fame, the cash, or the Google rankings. We do this for the dogs whose happiest moment is seeing us come through the door. For the puppies dumped at shelters because puppy antics just aren't cute at 85 pounds anymore. For the dogs who are kicked out of stores because they won't fit in a purse. For the dogs who've lived their lives outside because they're "too big for the house".

Because they deserve better.

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