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Cat allergic to something

Discussion in 'Other Pets Chat' started by Nickelpeed, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Nickelpeed

    Nickelpeed Power Porchie

    Dec 15, 2008
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    My brother has many cats. He loves them. He keeps them all vaccinated and keeps flea medicine on them.

    He has two cats who always scab over. He found that the only thing he could use on them, that healed the skin, was Selamectin. It's found in Stronghold, sold over seas; and Revolution in America. However, there is a difference between Stronghold and Revolution. Stronghold has a higher concentration of Selamectin than Revolution, so it doesn't work to clear up the problem.

    Then there was a problem. He couldn't get it from England any more because there was an ingredient in it that could not be brought to the US without a prescription. Vet's here will not write a prescription for him.

    So, I did a search and found a place in Canada that sold Stronghold without a prescription. However, it was lacking the ingredient for the skin. When he bought it from England, it always cleared up the skin of the two cats, now it doesn't. So, now he has to try other methods. He's tried all kinds of prescription meds on the cats, but nothing seems to help.

    Does any one what he could try? The cats do not have fleas. These are scabs all over the head and ears. The vet says it's scabies, but all the time? And, the other cats do not have it. When he was using the Stronghold flea treatment from England, it cleared them right up. Now that they can't send it anymore, he's not found anything that helps.

    Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!


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  3. ShiLowe's Lions

    ShiLowe's Lions Veteran Porchie
    Sponsor Porchie Plus

    Mar 16, 2008
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    Humm. Interesting. We dont have kitties anymore. Would be interested in others perspectives.

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